Press Links:
2016 - Art F City, This Week's Must See Events: A Week of Historicization by Paddy Johnson
Albright Knox Gallery, Outspoken: Amanda Browder on "Spectral Locus"
Step Out Buffalo, Can't Miss: Spectral Locus Art Installation by Brett Smith
Hyperallergic: Art, Work, and the Workaday by Thomas Micchelli
- WRTV-TV 'At Night We Light Up' at Indianapolish Power & Light Building
2015 - Unexpected Art by Jennifer Spring (Chronicle Press) / Strange Material by Leanne Prain (Arsenal Press)
2014 - Montana Public Radio / DIY Network / / Blouin ArtInfo / Gothamist
2013 - New York Times / /
2012 - Museum of Design Blog Dislodging Your Creative DNA: Artist Amanda Browder at the Dumbo Arts Festival
- James Kalm Report - Chromatic High Five! interview / REVERSE Space • AD Projects
- Missoula Independent and The Missoulian - SPELUNCA project, Missoula,MT
- L Magazine - Prismatic Vortex / Round Robin Collective
2011 - Swab Art Fair and Galeria CMTV- Barcelona, Spain
- Torontoist - photo feature Chromatic Hi-Five!
- Temporary Art Review - Proxy Vacation at Los Caminos Gallery
2010 - New York Times - article on #class exhibition

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