At Night We Light Up (2016) Indianapolis, IN - Amanda Browder’s At Night We Light Up is the artist’s first large-scale computer-generated digital patterning debut, but does not steer far from her work about the crossection of textures and architecture, building a sense of community, and creating fresh perspectives for the spaces we pass on a day to day. Historically, light has always created a desirable and central place to congregate. Similarly, Browder’s communal sewing projects towards her well-known large-scale fabric installations come to represent the personality of individual members of the community. Drawing on the aesthetics of 1970s video games a la PONG or Space Invaders, Browder is inspired by the pixelation of the city lights at night and draws parallels to the movement of the city of Indianapolis and the people's paths through their town. Like the warp and weft, or rather the latitude and longitude, that creates the bases of fabric, At Night We Light Up is engaged by the intersection of two humans at night and their path through the city. After all, the millions of tiny pixels that make up our lives in a city come to translate a much larger overview of our everyday motions.

At Night We Light Up viewing dates at the Indianapolis Power & Light Company Building, located at 1 Monument Cir, Indianapolis, IN 46204, on June 30, July 5-7, 21-33, 28-31, & August 8-10, 21-27, 2016 . For updated information please visit Central Indiana Community Foundation.
PRESS: Wish-TV Online, WRTV-TV Online