PRISM/LIVIN/ROOM - exhibition at Allegra LaViola Gallery in New York, NY 2013

This is a fabric installation that breeches the public/private conversation by creating a physical duality between a living room and a fabric art installation. Though apparent opposites, these two environments are connected by the presentation of contemporary art. Browder seeks to open the gallery up to non-traditional audiences and to encourage a sense of positive "comfort" in the stereotypically non-comfortable space of the gallery. She plans to hold two Public Sewing Days that encourage the viewer to become her collaborator. This is achieved either physically with donation of fabric, trimming or sewing or by joining in the atmosphere: sitting in the space, reading a book and enjoying the oversized colorful installation. Browder thinks of the space as fluctuating conceptually and sees it as paralleling the optical illusion of the Rabbit and the Duck. Kaninchen und Ente (German) - both exist equally, but are separated by a mysterious bond that seems physical but non-tangible.
PUBLIC SEWING/HANGOUT DAYS: Saturday May 18th, 12 - 5pm / Thursday May 23rd, 3 - 6pm - Located in the project space.
REVIEW by artist Mandy Morrison